Once Upon a Farm Campaign 

While brain storming for this campaign I kept one of Once Upon a Farm's core values, transparency. The founders are very passionate about making sure there is nothing hidden from consumers when it comes to where ingredients come from to how the food is made. The package of baby food even has a little window that allows parents to see the food inside. This was my inspiration for the Transparency Campaign. 

Print Ads

The Transparency Campaign 

For the print ads I took the idea of the window on the package one step further by showing ingredients before the pressed into yummy combinations and sent to the stores. It involves the reader by allowing them to flip open the package and reveal the ingredients. 

Outdoor Ad

The Transparency Campaign 

The outdoor ad is window decal that would place on the front of a grocery store. The window on the package would look into the store. Then the Once Upon a Farm products would placed in view through the window on the package.



The Transparency Campaign ​

This a shade roller that would be included in the package when parents first subscribe to Once Upon a Farm. I felt that this fit into the Transparency Campaign because while it blocks the sun you can still see through it.